The PDS Foundation for Children was created to help provide awareness, research and treatment information for children and infants with PMG (Perisylvian Polymicrogyria).

We are located in Las Vegas Nevada. We were formed by the Parents of Presley Drew. It is our mission to raise funding to help support children in their life long challenge with PMG

PMG is a rare brain malformation formed in utero. It affects 1 in 2500 newborns. At the time of Presley's diagnosis 1.5 yrs ago, PMG was extremely rare. Treatment research and information is limited, however PMG is being diagnosed a lot more often.

Children with PMG can sometimes lead active and productive lives with assistance. Others are unresponsive. Seizures are a common ailment for children with PMG. Because of this, anti convulsive drugs are often prescribed making early development and growth difficult. The side effect are often damaging. If seizures are not controlled the brain does not develop and sever delays occur. It is critical to control seizure activity within the first two years of life in order to get favorable development. Due to limited information and minimal research doctors and specialist often label these babies as epileptic. This is often a simple label or place to put them.They do not have the answers or the funding to do the research and find them. As a result these children are not getting the attention and research necessary to find the correct answers and treatment.

Additionally, parents are not being told of a potential prevention. PMG can be genetic, but most often random. Leaving no direction as to repeat risk or potential prevention.

These children need our help and it is our goal to raise the funds to provide Awareness, Research and Treatment.